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Re: Donating my Cal 29 to Charity

Donating to a charity is a bit more complicated than most of the charities would have you believe. Or, at least it could be.

The main issue is establishing the boat's true value. Most people think i'll stick a number on it and the charity will sign off on it. And some charities will do that. Butttt, ultimately, it's not what you believe your boat is worth that counts. It's what the IRS thinks that counts. And usually that's a much different number.

I say that to fore warn you that knowing the rules on how to correctly donate your boat is of paramount importance to avoid problems down the road.

A few other thoughts here - AS for not selling it to a lowballer, you are cutting off your nose to spite your face. Ultimately, what you are making is a financial decision. if the low ball offers give you more cash in your pocket, then that's the correct financial decision. Don't let your ego cost you money.

On getting the lowball offers - of course you are getting low ball offers. That's how all negotiations begin. If the offerees aren't coming up to a central meeting of the minds then they aren't negotiating in good faith. If you are getting pissed off by the low offers and not countering, then you are the problem. ( and yes it is human nature to get pissed off by low offers, but get over it this is business)

Finally, every boat buyer sees the boat seller the same way - here is someone with an alligator eating their wallet. it's what's called a don't wanter. The owner no longer wants whatever they are selling. In your case it's an old boat that has probably seen its best days with a very limited appeal in a slow selling market category. Cals weren't hot sellers when they were new, even though they are excellent boats. Sailboats in general are still in a slow market. IOW, you are in a cold market. Regardless, this old boat isn't like some old pick up truck sitting in the driveway. That truck can sit forever and it's not costing you anything. The boat- a different story, everyday more money spent on storage, insurance etc etc. Every boat buyer knows this. Nothing worse than a don't wanter boat that is costing money.

Take the money and run!!!!!

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