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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by aeventyr60 View Post
Why Bother? You survived. Your decision to get on the boat. Poor decision making on the journey by you and Jake. Having an incompetent skipper at the wheel flying a kite at nite? After the 2nd nite you and jake didn't get it? Could of de escalated the situation early by heaving to, getting a good night rest, spliting up the crew so You and j\Jake were on different watches, one competent crew one incompetent all does not break loose and you are repeatedly woken up. Lot's of weird thing happening on your trip, and you the experienced crew/delivery/business/adventure kinda guy.

If you decide to sue, make sure you list that on your next crew qualification CV. Sure be get lots of crew offers after that.
Yeah, the irony is pretty thick, alright...

"Frivolous lawsuits" are only bad, sometimes...

Originally Posted by rockDAWG View Post
IT is not an easy decision. I think Bounty situation is quiet different from Rule 62. Bounty LLC is an organization and Rule 62 is a privately Mom and pap operating pleasure boat.

If I perished in the sea, I don't want my wife to sue my sailor buddy who was kind enough to give me a ride regardless what happened. **** happens, we must bear all the risk on our own shoulder. However My legal council Schumberg and Goldstein would think differently.

Likewise, if have need a crew and **** happens, he died. I don't want his family go after my nest egg. A few weeks ago, I indeed post a thread regarding how to protect ourselves from frivolous lawsuit. Even if you win, you will lose big time.

If Laura's family wins the case, no owner will want to take on any crews and no captain can afford to hire crew or vise verse.
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