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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by night0wl View Post
I wouldn't sue...lest you want yourself plastered all over Sailing Anarchy as the latest person to get legal. Look at Podmajersky (sic). The guy was clearly in the right, but became a sailing pariah. Got a Rule 69 hearing against him and a 1 year ban for what (I believe) was another dude behaving unethically.
Here's the link and an excerpt.

The name John Podmajersky was forever registered into the annals of sailing douchebaggery after the Chicago developer sued the Chicago Yacht Club to get his name on a trophy, and his cancer-battling long time crew for a million bucks. That long and sordid story is long over and “Pod” is back to quietly enjoying sailboat racing, but he’ll always be remembered for bringing lawyers and the courts somewhere they never, ever should have been allowed: Into a disagreement between two sailors over amateur sailboat racing.

That aside, and to the OP:

Yes, I found the story to be interesting. At least, initially. Though, imho, you seem hardly without fault. While I do get that crewing for the transpac is/was the main draw I was admittedly surprised in light of your introduction, that you chose to go.

While it certainly sounds like this guy was an insufferable bastard, I do wonder what part you played wrt the seemingly ongoing explosive dynamics. Bc, from your description, it certainly sounds like your role in this particular fiasco was not small.

For example, the way you repeatedly harp about his ESL and him not behaving to your standards? He's been in the country for 16 years, and you expect him to suddenly, what? Sound like someone who grew up speaking US english? Assimilate to your customs?

Aside: You do understand that cultures vary widely? Even within and between communities in the good ole USofA. Moreover, you really should educate yourself on linguistics. Just sayin...

But, I digress.

From your description, it sounded like you had absolutely no respect for this man from the get go. If this is the case, he very likely picked up on that. Which, of course, not surprisingly, exacerbated the situation.

That you are now considering suing this guy is very sad. You chose to go. Even with all of the up-front warning signs. I do not know about other readers but I certainly would not risk even having you aboard my boat, much less crewing on even a short jaunt.

And last but not least. There's this bit:

Originally Posted by rockDAWG View Post
Buying my own boat will not satisfy my craving for off shore sailing. If I have my own boat, I will end up putting around the boat at the dock all day, week and year, just like most of you folks.
I think the idiom, , "beggars can't be choosers" is apropos here. Esp considering that you seem intent on crewing on other people's boats. People whom, by your very words above, you seem to disrespect their choice to actually own/work and pay for the upkeep of their boats. And yet, you want a free ride? Please.

That said, transpac is a great race. Quite a few of my dockmates have not only crewed but also done the singlehanded transpac. The people who run it and sail it, love sailing.

That you characterize them as a money making machine... that you would even remotely consider going after as a result of your poor choice, leaves me wondering why you even wanted to crew in this race in the first place.
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