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Re: Do I have to predrill before running screws into fiberglass

Better yet.... To improve the previous instructions...

Drill the holes in the wood.
Put the wood over the fiberglass and tape it in place.
Put a bit in the drill that is the same size as the holes in the wood, so you're using the hole in the wood as a guide.

Drill through the wood and into the fiberglass.
Remove the wood.
Chamfer the hole in the fiberglass just a bit.
Replace the wood.
Install screw. (this will hold the wood in place and not allow it to move.
Drill the rest of the holes.
Remove the wood, chamfer and finish the job.

Slip the bit into the hole and just kiss the surface of the fiberglass.
Repeat for the other holes.
Remove the wood.
Put the proper sized bit in the drill.
Drill the pilot holes at the point where the drill kissed the fiberglass.
Chamfer the edges of the pilot holes.
Put the wood back over the newly drilled and chamfered holes, and add the screws.
While it might seem like a lot of extra work, I've seen (and suffered) the consequences of having stuff NOT QUITE LINE UP. And if you think it still might slip, do two holes before drilling the rest. The more holes you are making the more likely one won't line up properly. And we won't even talk about mating two surfaces that aren't flat and square to one another!

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