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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Interesting snippet from SA:

Tony-F18, on 01 Aug 2013 - 10:37, said:

I thought the story might be juiced up a little for the sake of a good story, until I found their restaurants's Yelp page:

Review by a customer:

EXTREMELY RUDE, nasty cashier running this place. Service is usually not at the top of my priorities when eating from a little stall in the wall at the farmer's market but this guy went from rude to rabid dog in about 30 seconds. I ordered a few rolls, he gives me change back then walks up to the sushi counter to grab the fish WITHOUT WASHING HIS HANDS OR PUTTING ON GLOVES!! Had I not been watching his every move I would have been tasting dirty cash register fingers in my spicy tuna hand roll. ( I was watching him since from the get go I got the feeling that this was the kind of guy who would spit in your food and call it a garnish).

I kindly requested that he put on gloves and he barked some incoherent annoyingly shrieking broken English at me. I kept calm and tried to explain to the guy that he was required to wear gloves and that If he did not I had the right to ask him to. The guy continued to argue with me but Its amazing how the words HEALTH DEPARTMENT are universally understood in the restaurant world.

This was a total fiasco. The sushi was OK but the cashier needed a muzzle and an attitude makeover.
Sound familiar RDawg?
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