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Re: Just beginning to shop around... would love feedback/ideas...

Just finished reading this thread , and thought I'd pop an idea for those that are struggling w/ hardware computing needs that exceed your (even mondo) laptop.

I've just finished setting up a computing environ, in the cloud using google compute engine. Very easy to setup, and you only pay for what you use.

it addresses some of the issues posted here:
1. Need for large storage & backup.
2. Need for multiple development environments ie. Windoze, Mac, Linux, etc.
3. Performance (machine instances available from 2 - 16 way processors, and ridiculous Ram & hard drive space associated w/ same).
4. Cheap!

I have no affiliation w/ google compute engine. There are also other players, amazon, and rackspace to name a few.

you can still utilize your ipad or laptop and vnc (remote desktop) to a more powerful machine in the cloud.

anyway check it out.

for those that need just different environments and not the horse power, I would strongly recommend VM ware or Parallels as a solution pt.

Happy Sailing!
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