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Re: What Is A Boat Really Worth?

Originally Posted by jorgenl View Post
Most owners would not have a fricking clue whether their engine would pass a compression test.
Exactly. Other than when I bought it, and did my own check, I have NEVER checked the compression in any of the boat motors that I've owned--outboard or inboard. I seriously doubt if more than one in one hundred boat owners has had the motor compression checked since they bought it. Only if they start having problems with it will they eventually check it, or get it checked.

What's more, the plain fact is that the overwhelming majority of boats that are up for sale (I'd guess in the range of 95% or more) are being sold because the owner isn't using it anymore, hasn't had it out for quite a while, and probably hasn't even set foot on the boat in a couple of years. Expecting an owner like that to know if the engine can pass a compression check is completely, utterly, ridiculously unrealistic.
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