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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Sounds like the owner was desperate to run the transpac. To the point he scrapes the bottom of the barrel to find crew after a known qualified crew that he'd sailed with in two Puerto Vallarta races opted out. Notably, Randy mentioned that the owner had the boat listed as a live aboard.

Then you have jake & rock, who are desperate to get on a transpac boat, such that they agreed to crew on this boat, last minute, sight unseen, captain unmet, and race rules unstudied.

Not surprisingly, these, together, culminated in at-odds goals, unpreparedness, clashing personalities, and appallingly infantile behavior, resulting in the rather predictable albeit entertaining... as in "three stooges of the high seas thank gawd no-one died"... outcome.

Proving yet again that desperate people do desperate (and stupid) things.

In the end, regardless of the shoulda coulda wouldas, afaics rock has clearly demonstrated that he has no compunctions whatsoever resorting to violence under duress. Yes, the captain brandished the winch handle. However rock was the one who punched the captain in the nose. So, I, personally, am not the least bit surprised the captain cowed to rock's bullying after that. That rock would then paint himself as victim while smugly talking about taking legal actions speaks volumes.

Btw, and aside, when I read rock's description of the captain, I must admit, I was immediately reminded of the temperamental, though, quite harmless, Chinese cook from my days working at a Chinese restaurant when I was a teen. The cook regularly screamed something in Chinese while brandishing a large hatchet looking knife. Not once was I concerned that he was gonna chop anyone up.

In the end, and imho, any way you cut this, everyone was at fault for this fiasco. That is, except for, perhaps, the 86 year old mother-in-law.

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