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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by smackdaddy View Post
Okay, so it's obivous you've got a bit of a pudgy for giving RD a hard time. Whatever. I'm not here to defend the guy by any means, but your arguments are pretty weak in this particilar case. Here's a rundown of why...

All the stellar crew performances you list above...these were crews put together by the skipper. Again, it boils down to him/her. And that's the way it should doubt. The problem is in this case, the skipper didn't do his job. Don't blame the crew.

You guys are getting your noses up because RD hadn't flown a spinnaker before - so your conclusion is that he had no business crewing a TransPac. Well that's not your call. That's the skipper's. Maybe RD lied about that. I don't know. But neither do you. Again, blame the skipper for allowing it.

Finally, on the above argument...maybe he hadn't flown a kite before. But according to the story, he certainly handled it better than the skipper and was perfectly willing to go up the stick and fix the skipper's repeated clusterfinks. And he was able to drive the boat well enough under spin to avoid his own clusterfinks. That's some pretty quick learning I'd say.

So, feel free to hammer on RD. I don't really care. But at least do so with some facts and not all the uppity hyperbole.
You're right, we have no knowledge of how he or the skipper presented themselves and their qualifications to one another, or what sort of understanding they had...

However, back when I was a kid fresh out of college and looking to do some offshore racing, and walking the docks prior to the LA-Mazatlan, Chicago-Mac, and Marblehead-Halifax races wearing my 'Crew Available' tee shirt, there was simply no freakin' way I would have solicited a berth on a boat without having a fair amount of experience flying the sort of chutes and bloopers common at that time... Now, maybe that's just me... And, while I can't offer proof of that, or document it, I can assure you - that is a FACT... :-)

As to the veracity of any of this sorry tale, I'd say the jury is still out on that one... To many experienced racers, and the folks over at Sailing Anarchy, it smells like BS, so who knows what is the truth here...

If you look back at the start of this thread, when everyone couldn't wait for Part II, and some were already pronouncing the story 'epic' and 'best story ever', I was among the first to express my 'doubts'... In retrospect, I'd say I was pretty restrained compared to what followed, pretty much limiting my characterization to certain elements of the story - the encounter with the SWIFT, for example - as simply sounding "implausible"... :-)

I'll admit, however, the tide turned for me when the talk started up about him bringing a lawsuit against the skipper for the "mistreatment" he suffered... Sorry, that's when the gloves came off for me... The ocean, and the sport of yacht racing, has no place for the sort of Whiny B*itches who probably shouldn't have been out there to begin with... :-) I could care less what he chooses to do, whether he had a pleasant trip or a miserable one, but that sort of nonsense is the kind of thing that could ultimately affect us all, or the proud legacy of of a race as grand as the Transpac...
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