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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by chef2sail View Post
Well put.


No ones got a pudgy for Rock. The skippers weaknesses are obvious. However you seem to want to be an apologist for Rocks choices and behavior.

You went so far as to try and denegrate the Captain with one of 48 reviews of his business from the Yelp site. The worst one as a matter of fact, and it wasn't representative of the other 48 reviews at all. Why did you do that. Why did you cherry pick that skewed review?

Have you researched Rocks evaluations from his employees, they are available and aren't very kind. Seems like you are ok with presenting a one sided view here

It isn't about flying a kite. It's about all the choices including threatening the Captain, hitting him, taking over the boat. Calling the CG, the organizers, and the friging USNavy. he wasnt in iminent danger, he just wasnt getting his way.

Remember the other crew would have gone with the Captain had their last mate come along.

By the way I am curious where's the tape, movie we were promised. There is a completely other side to this story I am sure. The TRUTH as we know is probably somewhere in the middle.
I agree with this assessment entirely. The formulas for a disastrous escapade were all quite apparent from the outset of the tale. Start with the simple differences in the cultures of the players and their consequential conflicting expectations, language difficulties making it impossible to communicate in other than a very rudimentary fashion (that subsequently lead to frustration and explosive outbursts of anger), a poorly prepared yacht inadequately provisioned/watered and with nonsensical crew assignments that led to an inexperienced and know-nothing watch team on deck after dark trying to fly, of all things, a spinnaker.

Given the first few paragraphs of part one of the tale, the OP should have had the common sense to simply say "Thanks but No Thanks" at the out-set and chalked the travel to Long Beach up to experience. The tale went down hill from there and has continued a downward spiral since. Moreover, the OP and some contributors have made some fairly slanderous representations about the yacht owner(s) and his/their business on a public forum (where they have not been given the opportunity to respond) that could be perceived as doing tangible, material damage to his/their reputation(s) and business--particularly the comments concerning illegals/immigrants. I submit that given the litigious nature of California, that is unwise for them and, frankly, more so for the sponsors of this forum. Lastly, as other than a precautionary tale, at several hundred comments I think the thread has been a terrific waste of bandwidth, eh?


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