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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by SalNichols94804 View Post
Day 7 ..."warned him that I made no apology of my behavior of rising hell if he ever endangers my life again".

"Endangering his life" consisted of multiple trips up the rig to effect a repair.

Days 8-12 consist of sailing and a nightly spinnaker wrap. RD makes a point of having to douse the kite in 17 kts. Well princess, you're going downwind at 7.5, meaning you have 9.5 apparent. BFD. If you knew anything about dousing a kite, you could have letterboxed it if the breeze was too much for you. There is just so much bloody whynging from this guy.

Day 12..."Mutiny is the only way to survive. I begged Harry to use the autohelm to control the spinnaker or we quit. We gladly put our lives on the line so many times (6) and we were only half way to Hawaii. We could not do this anymore. Like all the other times, they refused to use autohelm. I instructed Jake to use my satphone to call Dave Cort (Race Committee) The boat's satphone was no Longer accessible to us. I spoke to Dave begging him to help us to resolve the problem. He refused and claimed that is not their problem and we must resolve ourselves. I told him that this had become a safety issue for the crew members. I asked him to contact the CG for us and have the CG to call the owner. He hung up on me.

Because of poor reception, we moved up to cockpit to call the CG. Harry came behind and attacked Jake and use his arm around his neck and tried to get our sat phone and throw it over board. I struggled with him and he turned around and picked up the winch handle trying to strike Jake's head. I blocked his arm from hitting Jake. I dared him to strike me. But I was in a combat mode to block and struck his nose. He hesitated for a second and I grabbed and threw the handle away. Jane jumped in the midst of this for our phone, I grabbed her hands and pushed her to the starboard side of the cockpit and sat still. I told Jake to escape into the v-berth with the phone.
I shouted both of them with fouled language that they were no match with my strength and speed. 'Don't be stupid'!!!"

Now keep in mind that ALL of this drama is happening because of a few midnight spinnaker wraps, and our Mr. RD feels that it's dangerous to work on deck at night in 17 kts of true wind. Guess what? The same **** is happening on half the boats in the fleet, and all hands toss on their foulie bottoms harness and boots and fix the problem. Is it dangerous? Hell yes, but you do it. IMHO, RD was completely over his head with regards to the 24/7 nature of a major ocean race. I'm not saying that Harry was competent, he clearly couldn't drive at night. That isn't uncommon btw.

You asked me if I was "ok with that". Personally sir, if my crew tried to commandeer my boat, I'd be fine with shooting them.
Look, Sal, I don't disagree that there's a lot of whinging in RDawg's posts. He obviously got in over his head and didn't handle things very well from the start. And, yes, he's got an attitude in this I don't completely agree with.

That said, you seem to have this unwavering "Skipper Is God" mentality with your viewpoint. Yet, simultaneously, you absolve the skipper and blame the whingy crew. Sorry - I don't buy it.

From all your quotes above, show me where RDawg...

Originally Posted by SalNichols94804 View Post
...demonstrated a willingness to physically assault the owner/captain...
...prior to a winch handle being wielded by the very Ungodly Captain Furious. I don't see it. And if you don't either, you really shouldn't be cool with any skipper/owner physically assaulting his crew. Period.

It just seems to me that you're ignoring quite a few "facts" (at least as presented in the story) to conjure up some drama of your own.

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