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Re: Confused about which oil weight to use

Good day avicola...

Part of that discussion would obviously be how old the boat/engine when one got it. Since I am a poor man... any boat or engine I get is about 20 or 30 years old. If one buys new and trade off every few years then its a moot point. I am not in the category, although the concept of disposable everything just always seemed so wasteful to me.

On the two engines prior to this latest one they were raw cooled in salt water... pretty much killed the engine's cast where as all the main mechanicals were totally rebuildable, refreshable, or simply just fine. I guess killing a block or a head casting simply because one can afford it just goes against my grain I guess. Cost effectiveness is minor up to a point. See, I'm from the school that proper and complete maintenance and non abuse will let an engine more or less be able to keep running almost indefinitely. It's likely I'll get 400k on my 3/4 ton V8 and better than a million on my cummins... before their first rebuild. marine is no different... take care of them and they will take care of you. Yea, manufactures and their service departments hate people like me.

The 1975 S30 Farymann antique I recently purchased is raw water cooled but was in the fresh water of the great lakes most of the last 20 years... cooling passages are in good condition... compared to 30 year old ones that came out of FL or the Chesapeake, its a diamond.

As one who restored and showed true antique engines for quite a few years... and take what many would see as just a hunk of rust and have it running inside a week or two (depending on if it was complete and you have to know what to look for), engines from the 70s and 80s are very modern in comparison to the teens and 20s. It just seems disrespectful to any engine that way by letting them just rot from the inside so to speak by killing the casting with salt water. Someday they will be 90 or 100 years old too. My oldest show engine is a runnable 1907, yes a 105 year old Callie Perfection 2 cyl inboard marine. I get a special smile bringing a 80 or 90 year old engine back to life, running for the first time after maybe 60 or 70 years of neglect.

I haven't priced heat exchangers and an extra pump yet.... maybe I won't convert if its too expensive. But then I am not sailing (yet) in saltwater only the Great Lakes. It will be converted before I do saltwater however, on my principles. The heat exchanger is disposable, the engine is not in my mind. You all are welcome to do as you like... its a semi-free country. Its just my opinion.


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