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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

Thanks manatee! I guess you can say it's Heinlein, Clarke, and Hogan, but in my own style, which I hope is gritty and authentic. One of the things that annoys me about space fiction of any kind is that none of the modern writers can think of a REASON to settle off-planet EXCEPT to escape an Earth "ravaged by ecological catastrophe" - or invading aliens. Pick one. How many times can they do that?

There have been a handful of people who have tried to write accurate space fiction over the last thirty years but they are spectacularly unimaginative, cribbing their material from back issues of Popular Science and articles about what NASA plans. You know what? NASA is boring. Astronauts are boring (they really are, Buzz excepted). The old space stereotypes are deadly boring, and the term "mission control" is so lame.

Nobody has written decent space fiction for decades, although Hogan and Steele came close - they both petered off, browbeaten by their agents to produce material "with more broad appeal" (dumbed down). I will not do aliens, monsters, zombies, ghosts, ancient pyramid codes, or space vampires either.

Watch the Breaking Seas Facebook page for more info as the book gets closer to release.

Thanks for your support!
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