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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

So the Captain of the ship, the owner of the vessel, who has the most to lose and has to pay for a broken boat says he doesn't feel comfortable using it, yet you believe how you and Rockdawg "feel" and "know better" even though neither of you have any prior experience, trumps the Captain and owners wishes on his own boat. How does that work?

Its his boat, not yours. Where do you get off telling him what to do with it. You've got no skin in the game.

Don't feed me that line of crap your lives were in danger either, neither the race organizers nor the CG nor the US Navy believed that or they would have truly intervened.

Sure your were uncomfortable, sure you had an incompetent yelling verbally abusive Captain who you willingly signed up for without doing due diligence. You knew eventually youd land and get away from him. He didn't put you guys in danger really...he just ran a slow boat to Hawaii. He never threatened you or Rockdawg till you escalated things and tried to seize control of his boat No one else wanted either of you as you had a lack of experience not only overall, but with them.

Here's what really happened. You and Rockdawg couldn't find a ride with the legitimate racers because you neither had experience nor had raced previously on well formed teams who knew each other. Ill bet they looked at your and Rockdawgs previous experience if you even applied to others and passed. So you found this boat....and in your rush to gain experience and his to build his resume ignored many many red flags.

If it was your first really blue water and his first race why wouldn't you wait and go on a boat where you could learn from more experienced crew? Hopefully you teach that to others. Instead you pick the LEAST experienced captain with suspect crew making you the most experienced people on the boat.

Didn't that scare you, deter you before you even got on to leave the dock. You and Rockdawg with virtually no experience being the two most experienced on the boat. What did you guys think you were going for a day sail. Its an open ocean race. For many days, but you seem to minimize that. Another sign of lack of finished last before you even left the dock because of your disadvantage to the rest of the fleet in experience.

Once underway you dont like the yelling, you don't like the direction and of course you know better.....with someone else's property in someone else's race he paid money to enter. Maturity would b to try and calm the situation deal with it until landfall. It seems you just waved meat at the tiger though and forced confrontations left and right till some got physical. Her we go...two abled bodied men vs. an old slight Captain, a woman whose his business partner, and HIS 86 year old mother. Did it ever occur to you he was scared for his life once you started trying to rest control of the vessel from him?

This has read like Aesops fairy tale from the beginning, with lawsuits, calls to the US Navy etc. Imagine had you tried this with 3 able bodied seamen who didn't want to listen to your whining and shut of your water and wouldn't fly the spinnaker. Would you have struck them and tried to mutiny. I doubt it. You know you could against the feeble man and his 86 year old mother, so you did.

Your lucky he didn't have a gun, your lucky he didn't have you arrested if the story is true as told once you hit land. You lucky there was no injury from getting on what we know now was an ill prepared boat and just as bad a completely novice crew.

I guess what I really cant understand What possessed you to risk you life knowing the experience of this crew, which you knew before you left was berift of talent to cross 2000 miles of open ocean. In a race no less, not a cruise.

I spend more preparation time for my boat and my trip planning on my annual trip from the Chesapeake to Long Island where I can duck in if the weather, conditions or the boat breaks or if its too bad than you did. And you teach people to sail.

To me the experience we all should learn from this is not the fairy tale which has more than your sides to it or race rules Safety first....not recklessness. You both broke the cardinal first. Part of safety is having enough experience on board to handle the trip and any emergencies which could occur. If there are doubts about the boat or the crews readiness safety dictates you don't go. You both had doubts and went...doubts you overrode for who knows why. You could have said no and not put yourselves in the weren't enslaved to go, but you took a risk. Risk avoidance is also part of safety.

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