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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by SalNichols94804 View Post
I have a bunch of questions and you're not going to like my tone. Tough sh$t, deal with it. I've worn out the carpet racing to and delivering home from Hawaii.

1). Who was responsible for navigating?
2). What navigation tools were available? Did you use a race routing program like Expedition?
3). We're there any boat polars aboard?
4). Did you two ALWAYS use the AP while the kite was up?
5). Why did you NOT use the spinnaker net if you had one available?
6). How often did you download weather data? What form did that data take? We're they gribs or iso charts? If they were gribs, did you have the tools to correct the, to local/observed weather? Do you even know this is possible?
7). Can you please describe to me how working on the foredeck was so life endangering?
8). Do you know how to clear a wrap by bing the boat?
9). Do you understand the implications of the use of the word "mutiny"?
10). Do you think being involved in a mutiny will hurt your shot at getting another ride?
11). Could you two have done anything at all without the autopilot?

Seriously, I am not either of yours greatest fans, nor do I think that the Harry, Jane, mom team belonged out there. I don't give a sh$t if you thought it was easy, you MADE IT EASY by using the F!cking autopilot! I just don't see where you two get off thinking that you're entitled to take command of someone's boat. Working on a foredeck is what sailors do. We do it at night, and we do it when it's blowing one hell of a lot more than 17 kts. Personally, you're a pair of whining pussies.

Nick Salvador
Richmond, CA
Heh-heh. You definitely freed NoStrings Nick!

I guess I just can't see why you keep overlooking the water situation. In my opinion, that's the crux of everything.

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