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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by LetsGo View Post
Um, no we didn't. We considered it because all our lives were in danger. But they ended up finally realizing that we did need to use autohelm, and did it themselves. No threats were involved. (Please reread the posts, or cite whatever gave you this false impression.)

Um, you mean when the owner tried to hit me over the hit with a winch handle? And rockDAWG deflected it? Yes, that's right. That's when there was physical force used. Sorry. Should he not have deflected it?

There, you may actually have a point.

So, one of the facts still remains a fact. The others you seem to have made up, for some reason I cannot understand.
No one is making facts up except you guys...just reiterating your and his story. So many holes in it, so many questions.

You make it sound like you saved everybody from some terrible fate, instead of enduring a fate of less than ideal conditions on board which would have ended at landfall. Did Harry, Jane, and the 86 thank you profusely for saving their lives upon arrival?

So would you care to tell us all about your encounter with the US Navy?

Where are the videos Rockdawg promised?

How come neither of you double checked to make sure the tanks were filled. Oh that's right you were aboard for ballast and your resumes so you didn't have that responsibility to yourself or others. BTW what were you specifically responsible for checking on and getting the boat ready, or were you just prepared to hop aboard like a cruise line passenger. Did you have some kind of checklist for yourself to make sure you were taking a safe passage, or did you just blindly abrogate that responsibility to fate. What type of preparation did you do before the journey for the rest of your team?

So how were your lives in danger. I still don't get that. Just because you couldn't swim in water or take a bath? How much water was really left? How much do you need daily? 4 liters or approximently 1 gallon per day is the minimum optimal requirement.Remember you usually get 1 liter from the foods you eat. So with 5 people that's 15 liters or about 4 gallons. 14 days is 56 gallons in the tank. I think read that the vessel carried full tank 145 plus whatever bottled stuff. How much was in the tank when you started? 1/3 full? How much did you hit the shore with?

Danger to me means you will die or be hurt. Is that what you are claiming? You were going to die of lack of water with the race committee following you. That's absolutely a preposterous fabrication.

Surely you can substantiate your claim of lack of water and tell us how you knew you would run out of water with empirical figures and know that you were short of water? Or was this another one of your "feelings" without evidence. I mean this was the reason you took over the boat right....water????? So what are the figures that show you were going to come up short.

So let me ask the obvious question....could you have called the CG or the race committee or the US Navy if you ran completely out of water and were going to die from no water? You mean Harry wouldn't have allowed that. Of course he would. Of course you could.

You were not in any imminent danger you were uncomfortable. He just wouldn't listen to you. He just didn't want to do it your way. He decided to conserve as was his right to make that decision as the Captain. You didn't agree so you mutinied. He wasn't going to murder you. You and Rockdawg against a 60 year old man, a woman and an 86 year old woman. and you were in danger, ...please spare me.

Just let me remind you that all the others on the scene didn't think you were in danger either. The race committee, the CG and the US Navy. This was in your mind made it up to justify your actions of mutiny. Really doesn't make any difference what the people on SN or SA think, the professional people who were there monitoring the situation with you don't agree with your acccessment

Face it you let you emotions get the best of you. You allowed the ranting's of the Captain to get to you and exacerbated the situation until you till mutinied and bullied the owner/ Captain out of the way with force, which you seem proud of. By your partners own statement on the mutinied and are proud of it. You took his boat from him and ran it your way

Buy a ticket on a cruise line next time you want to go to Hawaii

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