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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by MedSailor View Post
Chef (and Sal),

Why does this make you so mad? What's the nerve they hit?

Your ire is up so high that you've even stated that you're willing to try and sabotage RD's future crewing prospects (but curiously not the sushi chef's) in the real world for what he's posted here.

RD has done nothing to you. Neither did the sushi chef, and you weren't anywhere near what has transpired. You are witness to the telling of a story, not the grand judgement of St. Peter.

Seriously, are you willing to share what is is about this that bug you so much? Can I buy you enough strong rum drinks to calm that nerve that's been struck?

Yes sir, I'll try. First off, this entire tale, as told by these two makes it sound like an episode of Sharknado, where but for their magnificent skills, everyone would have perished. So one of them had to go up the rig? Someone ought to be doing that every few days anyway. Life threatening? No more than an uninspected rig falling on your head. Back up with a second halyard and what's the big deal? Dousing a fouled kite on the foredeck is risking life and limb? On one hand there isn't enough wind, on the other this task is a life and death struggle. Sails go up and down day and night on these races, I don't understand the life threatening drama. This behavior just drives me over the edge. youre on a sailboat in the middle of the Pacific. You're crew, sails go up and down 24/7. It's your job boys!

These boys started the race upset and continued to escalate the problems by bullying a weak and ineffective captain, to the point that they saw fit to take command of his boat. Then they've come to your community crying woe is me seeking sympathy. It's telling to me that they didn't try posting their story of misery on SA.

They were uncomfortable. It's an ocean race, it happens. You don't eat as you normally would, you're sleep deprived, and you're crammed into a living situation that would be illegal in any prison outside of Florida. It means that you have to be flexible, particularly to the wishes of the owner. And calling everyone on the planet to whine is just so...I'm at a lack for words to describe it.

This entire tale of victim/hero bravado described under the proud title of Mutiny reeks of a lack of character, not a trait that I would be comfortable with offshore.

Lastly, I'll admit to no small bit of frustration with some of the opinions expressed by the non racing members of the forum regarding the way things are done on racing yachts. Neither of us is wrong, and neither of us are unsafe. We just have different priorities.

Trust me, I'm not defending Harry and Jane, they were over their head. I didn't express this as well as shadowraith, but that's the nut of it.
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