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Re: Would You Sail This Rig Across an Ocean?

Originally Posted by CheckedOutRob View Post
Well, this boat is a Perry designed '81 Golden Wave 42. It apparently does have running backs but they are not attached to the lower shrouds under the lower spreader. They run somewhat much higher up the mast. And this looks like a "solent" rig with a provision for a second headsail on a removable stay about 2 feet behind the headstay.

To answer the first reply to this post, there are NO other stays other than two shrouds. One to the masthead where it splits at the lower spreader into two (discontiguous?) and the other a diagonal from chainplate to the lower spreader tangs.

So from what I can see there is no provision to prevent mast pump. Seems whacky.

So, if I were to purchase this boat it would immediately need chainplates pulled/replaced and all standing rigging up to new specs or replaced. I don't know why the running backs go so high but I assume it's to backup the staysail. Not logical. I'd prefer it attach at the lower spreader tangs where the lower shrouds attach. It looks like this has potential to pump going to weather.

Perry spec'd this boat to have a keel stepped mast. The builders went against his wishes and built it as deck stepped. My thoughts go to having an architect or rigger design a flat plate welded to the mast step and then having the same plate welded to the belowdecks mast support. When joined by bolts through the deck it would create a keel stepped mast in essence. I might go this route. Only other option would be new mast and huge re-wire (electronics) and re-rig project. Wondering if anyone has heard of this modification to a deck stepped rig (the deck plate welded to mast option)?
The yacht is fitted with a removable "baby stay" on the foredeck with runners aft. There is also a sizable compression post supporting the mast-step. This is a fairly conventional rig for boats of the era and has proven quite robust. If you have questions, it might be wise to correspond with Perry himself. He has a very inexpensive consulting service for prospective boat buyers that is a worthwhile investment. (See Yacht Design According to Perry)

FWIW, the rig on our yacht is much the same and ours and many of her sister ships have made transatlantic and long off-shore passages without difficulty.


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