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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by SalNichols94804 View Post
Tell you what...drop your rig on a member of your crew, turning he or she into a paraplegic, and you'll find out right quick what his and your insurance companies, and the U.S. court system thinks about your premise. Your boat, your wallet, your responsibility. I've done the last two Pac Cups, the first as crew boss/naviguesser, co-captain on a sled, and the second as skipper/navigator of my own boat. Both were impeccably prepared, and we still fixed a few things on the way over. I will tell you though, watching the GG bridge disappear aft and knowing that I was responsible for 8 and 5 lives respectively for the next 2200 nm was very sobering. I didn't sleep much.

Perhaps knowing exactly how much physical, mental, emotional, and financial effort is required to execute one of these programs is why I'm so spun up over this thread.
July 4, 2012
3 children were killed off long island when a 34 foot Silverton, clearly overloaded with 27 people on it, capsized.

No charges where filed despite the fact that it was actively investigated by the local D.A. As there was no criminal negligence, I'm sure the insurance company would have to pay any claims if they arose. (The victims' parents were family of the boat owners, so perhaps this may be why no claims were made).

By your logic, the parents of the dead children would bear the blame for allowing their kids on that boat, despite the fact that they may have had no knowledge of what constitutes an overloaded boat.

So, the criminal justice system decided the captain actions weren't criminal. And you can't necessarily blame the dead children's parents for not knowing enough about the capacity of 34 foot Silvertons.

So where does the fault lie? I'm sure most here would agree that the blame lies with the captain. Yet the captain is a free man and his finances probably untouched.

What if one of the adults on that boat had raised issue with the captain? What if he or she called the coast guard on a cell phone and the CG said, "Well, there are no laws saying that there can't be 27 people on a 34' silverton, so we can't really do anything."
I know the analogy is not perfect here, but I hope you get the gist.
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