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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat


Thanks for your input, and glad to hear that (for the most part) you liked the book! The parts with the female crew members should not be taken in a vacuum. Overall, it fits in with the original reasons I decided to quit everyday life, in an ironic way: I was, myself, judged on my body. It's a human characteristic. Also, nearly all men will agree with me, they often observe that it is acceptable for females to be negative about a man's appearance ("Oh, he's too short for me,") and other traits outside of appearance, but the same sort of judgments coming from men are, for some reason, unacceptable or rude. This double standard irks men but it is rarely, if ever, broached in mass media.

Have to run to the airport now but I will be watching this thread for comments from anyone.

Best regards,

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