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Re: Newbe with no experience buys big boat

@Haley: Did I really use the term "butch" and the name "Rosie O'Donnel" together? That would have been redundant!

@David: Yeah, you're right, without the personal issues (of various kinds, the women thing being just the main one) it would not have been the same story, or even an interesting story, just instead merely a cruising log - and a short one at that.

The number of people who read books avidly - especially fiction - has been steadily decreasing for decades. One of the reasons for that, I suspect, is that authors and publishing companies have grown timid. They choose to "play it safe" by telling the same stories over and over, with different names and settings - stories that have been stripped of any hint of any truly controversial topic, or that use faux controversial topics in their stead. A faux controversy is one which 99-percent of everyone you'll come in contact with will agree: "Should men be allowed to beat their wives?" or "Should black people be discriminated against in stores and restaurants?"

If writers started stirring minds, imaginations and emotions as they once did, maybe their books will be able to compete with the latest video game or episode of Honey Boo Boo.
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