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"Back in the 90's, when they were giving credit cards away, I somewhat seriously considered signing up for all I could, taking max cash advance on every one, and sailing off alone."

I know a guy who did it back in 93. His wife had recently died and the govenrment was royally screwing him somehow, so he maxed out as many cards that he could get his hands on and took off until the statute of limitations on debt ran out and came back for more..hahaha. He was brilliant about it.

Actually I agree with Capt.Aaron. Necessity is the mother of invention, so if you have to break bricks to get a paycheck to eat, you break bricks no matter what IT background you have.

Beautician is a possibility for the girl on the boat. Restaurant work as a barback is another one.

When I was a liveaboard coastal cruising the west coast of florida for work, I met a woman who weaved bamboo leaf baskets. They weren`t big or fancy, but she had a line of tourists lining up to buy one off her for 5 bucks each. I still have mine 17 years later to remember the life just before I moved to Norway which is a whole nother story in itself.

Would it/could it be possible to follow along with the regatta circuits and time it out to arrive before it starts to put the word out that you can repair such and such for this or that price?

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