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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by SalNichols94804 View Post
According to RD, the 1.5l/day rationing doesn't happen until Day 11 or 12. Once again I ask: why would you not agree to ration if your water supplies were "dangerously low" as described?
I would agree if that were the case. But obviously there are some real discrepancies in all this wouldn't you say?

On the one hand, you say that LetsGo's estimated 18 days' of water should be plenty. On the other, severe rationing is instituted by the skipper on Day 11 or 12. Why? What happened to a week's worth of water?

Did the skipper and his lady take long hot showers together? Or was it RDawg and LetsGo, assuming that the skipper did what he was supposed to do? Or did the old lady feed the elusive Pacific manatees sweet water along the way? Or was there actually plenty of water aboard and the skipper and his lady were just being jerks? Or was LetsGo's estimate off? From what I've seen, the bottom line is we don't know.

One of your assumptions has been that the crew needlessly freaked out about the water situation. Yet the skipper, who ignored the reminder to fill the tanks in the first place, institutes the rationing. So unless we have some evidence that the crew is needlessly "wasting" all the water, creating the problem in the first place (which I don't think we do), that argument is a red herring. As I said, whether it's an actual survival situation, or simply punitive withholding, it's clearly the skipper's screw up.

On a more general note, I do have one honest question for you and other racing skippers/owners though... If I, as a new crew member, come on your boat just before the race and start opening inspection ports on tanks, pulling stuff out of lockers and the lazarette to go through your safety gear, etc., all to see if I, the crew member, agree with how you, the skipper, have set things up - do you just look on with pride that I've taken the initiative for my own safety?

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