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Re: Tartan(s), Sabre, Pearson(s), C&C(s), Catalina(s) - "Chesapeake Draft"

Spent much of today with 4 year old daughter as wharf/dock rats. Getting the wife to go boat shopping is like me trying to get her to go look at motorcycles with me.......uh, no.
Looked at C&C 34 MKI, MKII may be out of price range.
C&C 30 and Catalina 30 are probably too small, didn't get a great vibe on C&C 34 MKI, but didn't go inside, not sure if I've looked at the C&C 30 MKII, or the price.
DrB, I love the 10M but concerned over the "classic interior" and the draft... it's not out, but Jim's comment about roomier cockpit, open transom (not a must have), and the "L" shaped settee that gives us plenty of room to stretch out and comfortable corners to curl up with a book or watch TV may be a key for family. The interior of the 10M with the parallel bench seats, or even say an older Sabre 34 with same setup, like my P30, may not be what we end up with.....jury is still out.
Now, I did see a Tartan 37 right across from the C&C, muscular, nice looking boat, interested in seeing one inside, any leads for Western Chesapeake (northern) area?
While some say Catalina is the Chevy of boats (don't anyone be insulted, but we've all heard it one way or the other), I'm considering the C34, 36 (Wing versions), and now, the C38 Shoal Draft (Sparkman and Stevens it!) - the C38 has a great PHRF at 123 and the C34 and C36 respectable 140's to high 150's. If I can find a C38 with shoal that I can afford.......Are the 34's and 36's ok for the Bahamas run (not far, but Ocean none the less..
The Tartan 37 and Pearson 34, 33-2, 36-2 with CBs, and the Pearson 37 with Wing keel work for me.....have to do interior considerations and still wonder if CB's will clunk at anchor or dock when trying to sleep (these are quality boats, hope it wouldn't be noisy, anyone know?)
Saw Beneteau's, Hunters and other Fractional's, sorry, still not in the the Mastheads.
What I did figure out, by seeing and with all your comments so far, is that I saw a beautiful Ericson Racer/Cruiser today (probably 34-36 ft) next to the Tartan 37. It was sleek, looked and I was told, was fast, and comfortable below. Problem was it had more winches on the cabin top, and the Tartan looked plain/simple with much less "equipment". Many of you have said, stop worrying about PHRF/'s the thing: I know that I want a challenging/"faster" boat, not a bobber. But, since I will probably be singlehanding it, as my wife has 99.9% of her eyes on Juliana when we're sailing, and when I do get to "beer can race" someday, I'll need to do most of the work....many winches, adjustments, equipment just isn't in the cards. I'm not a "racer" and don't plan to do it professionally at 54 years of age!
Dollars and Draft: family friendly cockpit and interior, fast enough for my enjoyment......I'm narrowing the field, but seem to keep dreaming about boats that may be out of reach, dollar-wise. But, offers never hurt anyone in a buyers market.
Keep those inputs coming, if you know of some of these that an owner would be gracious enough to let me on board and "feel it", preferably not too far from home, please respond or PM me.
And keep it going, you all are really helping.

Best Regards, Rob
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