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Re: Considering PSC for family of 4

Originally Posted by RainDog View Post
If you are have been trying to compare a 40+ foot "production boat" with a 34 foot PSC, then I many of your arguments make a lot more sense as far as room and speed go, but that is kind of a silly comparison. You can really only compare boats of a similar length.

For sure 90% of the speed of your boat will come from LWL. This will completely dwarf any other consideration.
Well you can compare 2 boats of the same water length or that are the same price. I think that was CD's point that for the same money he can get a much bigger boat, not just length but interior for the weekending. So it will be faster based on a more modern design, and longer water line, but be about the same money, or even less but also get twice (or more) room. I like the look of the more traditional boats, but real off shore cruising is a ways off for me so I think there are some good compromises out there, and for some the Catalina 400 would be it. Heck some think of it as a heavy slow cruiser.

Originally Posted by RainDog View Post
Afraid we are taking the plunge this weekend either way. After $2000+, over 10 head rebuilds, 4 new heads, all new hoses, rebuilt holding tanks.... I finally give up. A guy can only take so much.

More importantly my wife declared composting it will be. So it will be.
I think composting is the way to go. It seems that in lots of places it even makes sense for land home use. I know I was looking at a house that was on the Hudson River, as in the back of the house was about 50 feet from the water. The septic system was shot, that was very obvious and the previous deals had fallen through because they could not get financed due to the septic system. That close to the river and there was no way to get the health department to sign off on anything but a raised bed clay lined system and that was starting at about the value of the house. I figured put in a composting system and use a dry well for grey water. But the spouse was not so inclined! Our real estate broker kept asking me where will the s***t go?

For a boat it just makes sense (or is that scent!) to me. No holding tank, no sloshing slop of nastiness. It is not all roses, but sure seems easier to deal with. The C-Head looks kind of cool, but the airhead/natures head seem to have a really good setup. Brent's system of using a pot lid to cover his bucket and what not seems a bit rudimentary, but fits his needs. I also don't think any of them really composts it to the point that I would want to put it in a vegetable or flower garden, but in a bag into the trash seems reasonable and even dumping overboard when out to sea.
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