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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by bobperry View Post
BS is missing in action. He probably can't stand it that this is the weekend of the Perry Rendezvous where 50 of my boats will gather for a big party. On the other hand maybe he's headed down here in his BS boat. I would really, truly like to meet him on the dock.
I can only dream.
Just spent a week cruising with a friend around Cortes island ., no internet access in remote lakes ,but great swimming , fishing and hiking. I don't have much interest in the crowded south this time of year, so I'm up here well into the fall, when the guys who have to go back to work, to pay for their super expensive waterline yachts, have long gone back to work. I remain where they work all year to spend a couple of weeks at.I can listen to how they are enjoying that super paint and bondo job, by listening to the traffic report in the morning ,before I go back to sleep for another hour. In some falls , I have swam comfortably in the lakes here into mid October . Sure hope we have another one of those falls . Waterline yachts are the few well built commercially made steel boats available ( at a huge price) . In practical terms, they have absolutely no advantage over mine, and some disadvantages . As for aesthetics, anyone can check out the photos in the origamiboats site and judge for themselves. You wont find many 18 inch side decks or Bobs , style over substance, "decorative "mini stanchions there
I remember walking into Waterline Yachts and introducing myself . Ed said "Great! can I get your email address ? If anyone complains about my prices , I will send them to you."
I resisted the urge to reply "If anyone complains about my prices , I will send them to you."

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