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Originally Posted by SchockT View Post


Rule 47.2 - A yacht shall not permit any person on board to intentionally leave unless ill or injured, except as a result of a capsize, a person leaving shall not be accepted back on board nor replaced during the race.

In other words they are not ALLOWED to pick them up even if they wanted to!
Didn't always used to be that way...

Remember way back when, in a world where SPORTS ILLUSTRATED engaged people like Carleton Mitchell to cover the America's Cup? This from the SI Vault, is a worthwhile read, when the competition - and the writing about it - was far better than yesterday's debacle:


Just after the turn the Aussies put on a show to liven things up a bit. Main-sheet man David Forbes leaned outboard to flip the spinnaker sheet over the end of the boom. A surge decanted him overboard, where he was towed alongside, still holding the mainsheet. To a spectator on the lee side he looked like "an oversize sack of potatoes, churning up foam." Quick and husky crewmates hauled him into the cockpit. Had Forbes lost his grip, Gretel would have had to turn back, for the rules require a boat to finish with the same number in crew as she carried at the start.

It was a rousing America's Cup circus at Newport as - 09.07.70 - SI Vault
Dean Barker's composure after the incident yesterday was remarkable, but you've gotta think Team NZ is pretty spooked after this one... After all, this didn't occur during the heat of competition, but simply while attempting to complete the course of a race already won... These stoopid boats are freakin' pit bulls, one just never knows when they're gonna go off...

Or, perhaps this guy has a better analogy...

America's Cup: The beast emerges in San Fran - America's Cup - NZ Herald News

The last line says it all, the ratings will probably see a bit of a jump after this... Never was the comparison to NASCAR more apt than it was yesterday... Lots of time watching crews banging on damaged sheet metal, or in this case, carbon fiber... A big wreck, miraculously no one is hurt... And, in the end, the race postponed when it starts raining - or, in this case, the wind starts blowing more than 20...

40.7 knots to 13 in the space of one second... Amazing no one was seriously hurt...

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