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Re: America's Cup : the LV finale - race two

[QUOTE=PCP;1076025]and that nose dive explained and viewed in detail and...surprise: Great!!!!/QUOTE]

"We didn't execute it as well as we could've..."

The understatement of the year.

Actually, what impressed me is how quickly the boat recovered. Dean Barker was quite right when he noted that they were never in danger of going to the coal mine. The boat decelerated then popped right back up. I'm wondering if they just got lucky or if there is more buoyancy in the forward sections of the hulls than there is (was) in the Oracle boat that flipped.

On a less generous note, it troubles me a little bit to think that this was precisely the sort of "action" that Ellison / Coutts have in mind for attracting non-sailing fans to the AC - i.e., making it more like NASCAR. Not being a fan of NASCAR or of any activity that promotes itself based on the dangers to the participants - though I need to be careful because even the VOR and Vendée Globe sometimes lean in that direction - I'd prefer not to see these kinds of accidents at all. But that's just me, and I'm not Mr. Risk Averse in personal life. Just don't like to see that factor used to promote "spectator interest" when the thing itself is more than entertaining and exciting enough without accidents.

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