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Re: Interesting Sailboats

[QUOTE=JAndersB;1070805]One other reflection I did while going through the last 200 pages is that even if pure facts can say a lot about a boats performance my own experience says me that, besides all other estetic and other aspects, also hull shape and other under water aspects are important. On both the Azzurree 40 and recent RM1260 videos the boats are standing on their noses when beating or pressed hard. This my old Oceanis 40-2007 also did, which lifted the rudder out of the water.

One of the best aspects of the Opium 39 is that it, for some reason I can not figure out, do not do this. The more it is pressed the more it lifts is nose out or remains level, also when beating. If reaching it is like my windsurfer, running more and more on the aft quarter and on the leeward rudder (=windsurfing fin). Even if this is still at merely 9-10 knots it is a very crisp and enjoyable feeling, as I said, like getting a windsurfer or motorboat going.

I cannot agree more with JAndersB on the observation of poor balance that the RM1260 displays on a hard beat. Toby Hodges makes the same observation on his test. And the RM1060 seems to behave the same. I think that after following design numbers and the first launch of the RM on this same thread, expecting a rocket-performance cruising game-changer, excitement seemed to disappear very quickly. I wonder if it's just weight distribution of equipment, or simply rig tuning, but it's true that when I see them going upwind, I can only imagine the drag created by that dug-in bow, and it is somewhat disturbing and disappointing to me. Don't get me wrong, I find RM's fascinating and very desirable yachts for many other reasons, but I have yet to see one slicing upwind like it's actually meant for it. For some reason however, the whole formula starts to work with the 1350 and 1360, regarded as very fast boats.
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