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Re: Easing the Mainsheet

Cleaning doesn't matter.

It doesn't look that bad, the deepest draft is just forward of the middle so that's pretty good. Hard to tell if you are over-trimmed for a beam reach since I can't see the hull, nor any shroud or luff or leech telltales for reference. And twist is hard to tell unless you're looking more up from underneath, but twist isn't particularly related to whether your sail is okay or worn out.

And I'm not a sailmaker. But speaking as an English major (ahem ahem), is your topping lift a bit tight? the leech looks a little scalloped is why I ask. But within the limits of photography, seems to be on okay and not blown-out serviceable sail from Robbie and Janet Doyle, both of whom used to crush me and many others too in the 110 class back in the day in M'head... ;-)

Oh, and that lateral line is goofus. The two cringles in the leech and the luff are for your first and second reefing lines, there should be hardware (padeye and turning block one each) at boom end and some cleats to serve both lines. So the line you see should start at boom end, up through first cringle, back thru a turning block at boom end, then forward to a cleat of some kind, giving you a 2:1 advantage, which you'll need, trust me, since it has to tension both the luff and the foot. And the luff cringle should have either a similar line along the mast, or a gooseneck-area hook, to bring that cringle down to the tack. And then, voila, you're reefed!!

Then, you could use those three reefing lines to tie up the extra cloth, or just ignore it as many of us do for just an afternoon sail.

You should have at least this lower "jiffy-reef" line rigged, very useful when the wind picks up. And do the second one while you're at it?? you never know how much it's going to pick up ;-)

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