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Re: Tartan(s), Sabre, Pearson(s), C&C(s), Catalina(s) - "Chesapeake Draft"

In strong consideration are the Sabre 34 CB and the C&C 35 CB. I see a 37 (1985) in Newburyport, MA on Yachtworld that looks nice...CB boat. The newer 37-2's are probably out of range ($ wise), I like the 36 and 37 medium sized double (primary) windows in the cabin, also the 37 has the smaller ports up front in the vee (remind me of my Pearson) and that's a look I like. Also, like the dinette setup on the 35-3 (the large single window is noted to have leaking issues) and on the 36-1. It's interesting that the 35 and 35 are really 34.5 and 35.5, whereas, the 37 is 37.5, but has opposable settees (the more traditional interior on an early 80's boat). Noticed the one in Newburyport above modified the settee to be a partial wraparond and it looks nice (I've thought about doing this on a few traditional settee boats, like the Pearson 34 and possibily the Sabre MK1 to get that "comfortable corner" seating). The 37-2 (late 80's) is really 39.5 (aka 37/40).......who named these and what logic did they use....ha ha!
Yep, it all comes down to compromises and condition.....none of the C&C's are off the table, believe me.

I've got to note my interest in sailing fast - both up and downwind, that is part of the sailing fun for me. I do still enjoy going upwind much more than gets the blood going, bigger rush. Yes, the relaxing downwind run can be calming, and fast, but I like to work when I sail. I'm always tinkering, trimming, experimenting with the Geometry......doing the math and engineering to tame the elements - why I like to sail and not be a powerboater......(I do like to fish, another thread, another time!).....Now, I've never owned a powerful downwind sailboat, so it may be more fun than I realize, but I'll need to find that out.

The idea of "motorsailing" as my friend who has a very beautiful 30 footer with a large full keel (shoal - an Islander, I think) often does, is a last resort for me. I didn't get into sailing to motor around......I'd rather have a boat that can get the most out of the elements and be that family comfortable boat, hence, the thread.

I hear and have read the Sabre's are fast and can pace the C&C's, they are very well built and have a following that is almost rabid (that's good!). 34MK1's are much slower that 34MKII's, and now we are back to cost, the MKII's are probably above the $ threshold, I am definitely keeping Sabre's on the list, but can anyone shed light on the MKI's performance versus a C&C 35-3?, or the above mentioned 36/37's? Again, just for understanding and thoughts, I know what the PHRF's say for the CB's on C&C 35-3 (or even the 33-2 go go smaller) vs the Sabre 34 CB and it' not numerically close....A while ago the thread noted that 20 seconds is not huge, so don't worry about it. Also, I respect the notations that talk about experience and sail condition often trumps PHRF. Comments on Sabres vs C&C's in speed and comfort?
I know I'm looking at the "right boats" for what I want. You all are bringing up all the considerations I need to process to go out and see the ones that suit me. And, of course, in person can always result in a "nope - off the list".

Best Regards, Rob
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