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Re: An Excellent Condition, Turnkey Boat

Originally Posted by mark2gmtrans View Post
I am thinking there must have been a misprint in the price, was it $7,950.00 or $795.00? I know they could not possibly be asking $79,500.00 real US Dollars for that thing. I figure the reason the broker was not wanting you to talk to the owner was the fact that you might tell him that he must be smoking something illegal if he thinks anyone will pay that much for the boat that he let go to pot, (small pun intended).

At least you got to go for a ride, and it was not quite a 20 hour round trip drive like my last expedition to look at a floating turd. I am just sitting tight for now, I figure in a couple of months the weather will really help me with the prices.

The broker looks up the going price on BUCnet or another data base and slaps it on. That price, which is supposed to be an NADA like price, is BS in it's own right. ( how many 1985 Saber 38's have sold recently to give reliable data?) Regardless, the broker slaps on the price, and then negotiates from there.

As for the price being what it is, if you don't ask you don't get. The seller's job is to get as much as possible for that boat. Your job, is to pay as little as possible.

I agree there is no excuse to mislead to this extent. However, there is a reason. First rule of selling tangibles is get the product into the customer's hands. With cars, it's the test drive. With Houses it's going to see properties. With boats it's get them on the boat. You can't sell anything to a customer who is not there. You need to get in front of the customer to create the selling situation. IOW, you can't get a hit unless you get an at bat. ( in the car biz customers are called ups) From there it's salesmanship and negotiation.

The more people who come on board that boat, the better chance it has of selling. If it's deficiencies are told up front no one will come to look at the boat. Quite frankly, the listing agent/broker and the owner could care less if you are pissed off about the boat being misrepresented. The more people who look, the more offers they will get. And make no mistake, they will get offers. And, they increase their opportunites to sell the boat.

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