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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
skuttle the water...Uh, no, sailors know how to spell "scuttle" and that you can't skuttle water.

"We caught The Dawg washing his eye glasses under running water for several minutes, although Windex, was stipulated as the solvent to use."
Again, no. I do use Windex myself but the folks at SC Johnson are adamant about the fact at it should NEVER be used for coated lenses, which means pretty much all modern glasses. Never for many plastics, and most lenses today fall into those categories too.

"Stipulated" is also meaningless unless one says who it was stipulated by and whether anyone raised that objection, or otherwise.

Back to water...Oh come on now, are we aboard the HMS Bounty? Really, dipping the hold to determine water level? If I read that in a book, I'd say the author had never been on a boat.

And "FCC Title 14" ?? That's pure gibberish, the FCC refers to "Part ##" of their regulations, which in turn appear in the CFR, typically Title 47 of the CFR. I can't find any reference to FCC Title or Part 14.

Jane, Jane, is there a medical problem here? I understand what stroke damage and dementia can do, I've had family work through both, and I'd have to say that what you are saying reminds me strongly of that. What you are posting is only serving to confirm that there is something very simply wrong here.
Sorry Hello, my friend, I don't agree with you there.

Even cruising, if I were to tell you NOT to do something, and you did it anyways, that would seriously piss me off. It would piss you off too. If he didn't want to clean his glasses with windex, he should have bought a different pair or left them in his bunk. Many of the racers I know have one pair for racing and another for 'life/cruising' because they dont want to lose a $250 set of Costas to Neptune. Clean, fresh water rinsed glasses are not a matter of life-death. Wasting water is. So if they are intentionally disobeying the ship rules, what do Harry and Jane do? I guess they tape the faucets.

If you turned on the AP, and I told you not to, I probably would disconnect it and you would have just seriously pissed me off.

If you forced me to fly a kite and I couldn't (or did it yourself against my wishes), that would seriously piss me off.

Somehow in all of this, there was a massive loss of trust and communication. I mean, can you imagine being the captain of your boat Hello, and having someone call the USCG and reporting you!?? At that point, any and all chances of the crew getting along are gone (if they were not before). And how does that captain feel when his crew calls the RC and complains? Geez, I'd feel like a genuine arse when I saw them again and it might even burn me out of racing with them again. Wouldn't you?

I am not trying to be unfair to RD or Jake in this... I simply cannot imagine the trip they had. Crazy, as one person put it. The reality is that the trip was a nightmare for all involved, and I wonder if any of them will race again (and that is the real tragedy in all of this). But to be clear, I hold the captain completely at fault in all of this because the buck stops with him. That being the case, it doesn't mean the captain doesn't have a gripe or two in this matter that would be completely justified.

But I wasn't there. I am being a Monday morning quarterback and basing my responses on what I have read here which we ASSUME is from both sides. Sure wish it would have been different for them all. And that is another reason why I think this thread is one of the best we have had in quite some time. I am hoping it will be a warning sign for those looking to crew or looking for crew as to what can happen. This does not mean Jake/RD are bad crew. Not at all. Nor does it mean that J/Harry were bad captains. It just shows the reality of being out there, the reality that once you go you are on your own, and the necessity to be cautious in making sure everyone can get along and not just hopping the first boat leaving port.

Again, my opinions.


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