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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
You're knocking RD over seeing the Swift, but that video clip was from MAY about a prior deployment. The race was more than halfway into JULY (May, June, July...) and Swift is designed as a high-speed craft. Unclassified speed, 48 knots, according to the DoD.

MSC Ship Inventory - High-Speed Vessels (HSV)

Other comments indicate Swift has made at least 66 knots on occasion, and the Wiki says:
"Swift returned to Incat at Hobart in July 2013 for refit for sale or charter.[6]"

That's Hobart AUSTRALIA, conveniently across the path of the TransPac during JULY, when the race was running. Sorry, but that UFO citing checks out. Apparently Swift only spent two weeks in port swapping crews, like a nuke sub, and then checked out again. She was built in Oz, which is why she "returned" to Hobart.

Unless you think the USN and the Wiki are in on the conspiracy? The dates and times do check out. Sixty knots...damn that must be fun. :-)
Looks like I stand corrected, that's what I get for relying on a mainstream media report :-) The video I cited said she was returning to her homeport of Norfolk after her stay in Mayport, and I mistakenly presumed that meant for 'a while'...

However, I still stand by my skepticism first expressed back in Post #46 re RD's account of the encounter with the SWIFT, and the ease with which a ship of the US Navy was simply "sent away" by Harry, smells like BS, to me... :-)

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