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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by Cruisingdad View Post
Those were the rules of the boat. He abides by them or finds a different ride. If she said he had to wipe his butt with one square to conserve paper, then he better dang good and well wipe it with one square.

But in one hand he is worrying about the water, and in the other he is rising off his glasses in fresh water? Toss the glasses overboard. They aint required racing equipment.

On our boat, we often keep a sink with a bit of water in the bottom for little things like this (and also to collect water that can be used later in rinsing off plates or other items). If he just let it run down the drain, it makes you wonder??

Again, I am not saying that he did this. What I am saying is that it aint his boat it is his ride. On matters like this, I don't see why you dont just deal with it. This wasn't marriage for gawds sakes. It was a couple of weeks.


I have no dawg in this fight. I cannot say who is to blame. My point is just this

were there even consistent rules to obey? Does it not sound like the rules changed as they went? A bit punitive? You think Jane sat RD and Jake down and explained to them at the dock that they must never use water on eyeglasses? and stipulated windex! Ha! We are talking about Jane's account here, so lets keep to it- she said there was plenty of water. Then she/ or they denied RD the necessity of cleaning his glasses. I say its petty and shows the poor leadership they had.

You may have your rules and you may enforce them on your boat. But I personally doubt that you would throw a sketchy crew in a sketchy situation into such a panic and provoke them, just to be vindictive. It seems like a stupid thing to do. I read your blog and I don't see that... I see intelligence and the opposite personality from Jane.

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