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Re: Scary night sail

Originally Posted by cthoops View Post
Great story. As I read it I became increasingly worried that it wasn't going to work out so well, so kudos to you. I'm sure Charlie and his wife will be talking about that sail - and the blue moon - for a long time.

While I'm enjoying everyone's appreciation to be truthful the reason I did it was probably only 10 to 20 percent altruistic. Yes I had the keys to a half dozen other boats I could have sailed that night. This particular opportunity was different however and a little challenging but not too challenging.

I can't honestly say I did it primarily for Charlie's benefit. Like you said it looks like it worked out great for him so that's an added benefit.

The reason I posted this story is not to recount a good deed because as I've said I had my own reasons for doing it.

I had two reasons to post it.
1. I am awed and humbled by Charlie's perseverance, patience and courage.
2. As you said it could have not worked out so well. If somthing went wrong it would have been easy for someone to point out why I should have done things differently. So I guess I wanted to post a story where folks pushed the boundaries a little and got away with it.

So often on SailNet people post stories where something goes wrong and a lot of us berate the person for perceived failings. That is good too of course we all learn for other peoples mistakes. I thought though it was neat to be able to post a story where a little risk was taken and it all worked out.

In truth the risk was mostly in my mind. It was perfect weather and seatow is in our marina so help was 10 minutes away. The real risk was to my ego and maybe a little fiberglass or gel coat.

I was mostly worried about doing something that would get his insurance canceled.

The lesson from the Icarus story is not about human failing.
It is a lesson about the limitations of wax as an adhesive.
If you have an engineering problem solve it.

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