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Re: Mutiny at Dawn - Transpac Race 2013

Originally Posted by hellosailor View Post
Sal, you may disagree with Mark about water stowage, but his main point was that 1.5 liters per day is nuts. He suggests twice as much, 3 liters, while you are actually increasing that to FOUR liters, one gallon more or less.

And one gallon per person per day also happens to be the rough number used by many organizations, like DHS in all of their domestic preparation training. Been the same since the old Civil Defense fallout shelters, which also were stocked with one gallon per person per day. That's for couch potatoes in moderate climates allowing for some hygiene as well as drinking. Your only real difference comes at carrying the double reserve and of course a really good racing skipper arrives at the finish with zero reserves of anything, if the rules allow it. Which is why Bermuda races require a minimum of fuel onboard when the race is started. (Although I don't remember them requiring water, ever. Funny, maybe they figure sailors should have that much sense.)

The multiple comments about dehydration...Yes, it is interesting that one of the first consequences of dehydration is muddled thinking and that can also produce speech patterns similar to stroke. Dehydration will quickly lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion and if no one on the boat treats that, it can lead to death on the same day.

But Sal, it sure sounds like you have good eyes that don't need glasses. Keeping salt spray off glasses, off real corrective lenses that can easily run $500 a pair these days, isn't easy. If you don't use adequate WATER on them, potable fresh water, then the salt rapidly abrades the coatings and the lenses and ruins them. Yes, that takes fresh water and clean soft paper towels to get them clean without damage. Yes, it is a wasteful PITA unless you need glasses and you're trying to keep them clean. You just try suggesting you'll use Windex to clean a camera lens, or binocs. Ask Nikon or Canon or Fuji what they have to say about that, and what will happen if you let some salt "dust" build up before you clean their lenses--which have the same coatings on them. Letting water RUN...would be excessive. Using enough water to dissolve and remove any salt solids, would be necessary.

You're knocking RD over seeing the Swift, but that video clip was from MAY about a prior deployment. The race was more than halfway into JULY (May, June, July...) and Swift is designed as a high-speed craft. Unclassified speed, 48 knots, according to the DoD.

MSC Ship Inventory - High-Speed Vessels (HSV)

Other comments indicate Swift has made at least 66 knots on occasion, and the Wiki says:
"Swift returned to Incat at Hobart in July 2013 for refit for sale or charter.[6]"

That's Hobart AUSTRALIA, conveniently across the path of the TransPac during JULY, when the race was running. Sorry, but that UFO citing checks out. Apparently Swift only spent two weeks in port swapping crews, like a nuke sub, and then checked out again. She was built in Oz, which is why she "returned" to Hobart.

Unless you think the USN and the Wiki are in on the conspiracy? The dates and times do check out. Sixty knots...damn that must be fun. :-)
To begin with, the 1.5l number did NOT come about until after day 12 at the earliest. AFAIK, there was no rationing before that time.

Secondly, you won't find me arguing that 1.5l is adequate. I never said that, and I defy that numb nuts Texan to find where I did. 1 gal/day is enough, and I've proven it 6x.

That said, when you are running out of water, 1.5l is far better than 0l, which is what you get when you don't ration. This is the one thing that boggles my mind about some of you people. THEY DID NOT RATION AT A 1.5L AMOUNT UNTIL DAY 12. Do you get that? They didn't ration until it became a matter of necessity, and you are arguing about it.

As for my eyesight. Don't presume to know diddly squat about my $500 Kaenons with the prescription lenses. I've ruined three pair.

Finally, there are NO dishes on my boats when doing a long race. Each crew member gets a bowl and a set of utensils. They're washed and rinsed in salt water. Who the hell ever said that fresh water rinses were required? Seriously...
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