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USPS Courses--Issues

USPS will still be around when you and I are mouldering in the grave (or sleeping with the fishes). They will still be focusing ad nauseum on TRUE because the whizbang fad of GPS will have been replaced with a new and better system -- the same way GPS replaced loran. If they updated their books once, they''d have to keep updating them. This would require thinking, (as well as spending money, which they don''t have) and is therefore dangerous. Responses need to be formulaic - from step 1 to the end - and need to work in every situation. Even if the Earth''s magnetic field were to flip or dissipate, there will still be a geographic North Pole for them to use as long as our planet exists. Think long-term and you''ll see that you are not experiencing frustration but an awakening.

You might be better served by forming a study group of like-minded sailors to meet at a local club or library, and setting your own course and speed. US Sailing has some excellent (and more modern) materials that may interest you.
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