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Question Re: What Is A Boat Really Worth?

Yes.. I'm a Newbie here..
I totally agree anything everything comes down to
"it's worth what someone will pay you for it!"
don't care what it is it's yours till u sell it..

what I would really like .. and maybe wishful thinking..
(Hopefully with any/all having basic common sense knowledge of brokers, private sales, importance of a survey and reputation of said surveyor/s)
is a forum, thread ?? Dedicated to Sailnet members who wish to share their own purchasing/price paid, experience selling price offered at/sold for..
Per; 1. Boat; maker/manufacturers, designers.
2. Broken down in sub columns/sections per boat length.

More of a community working together as a whole.. and in the current market, trend/s etc.. I'm sure location specifics will vary..
But, it would be great to know a lot of this information from fellow Sailnet members personal experience.

Is that a totally unrealistic idea? Please anyone with experience exceeding lol, especially mine.. with the forums/boards.. buying/selling.. suggest.. and or Create a place where something like this.. where compilation of actual pertinent data relative to buying specifically used sailboats.. (only bc I think there is enough info available always one new sailboats) could be easily found, read, added to.. just a thought..
Hopefully you and or you.. maybe even you..?? will share yours too!
Thank you for a place to ask!
All my best, always, dawnssong4u
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