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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by JomsViking View Post

Pictures and documentation or it didn't happen.
For a starter;
Pictures of the actual non-welded internal.
Pictures of the filler
Case documents.

Get some of the owners to write here on SN (I wouldn't pick Nuthin Wong, though)

That way you just might start (re)building credibility.

The ice age? No photos ? Didn't happen?
The French revolution ? No photos? Didn't happen?
The battle of the Little Bighorn? No photos? Didn't happen!
US war of independence? No photos ? Didn't happen!
Personal stories of the holocaust? No photos? Never happened!
Your childhood memories ? Not enough photos to document every day? 98% of them didn't happen!
Boy, you type well for a toddler!
Testimony in most court cases? No photos? Never happened!
Criminals love jurors like you.
When a Campbell River bus driver told me the natives here never owned the land, because they never paid for it ( as opposed to Columbus, who bought it off several real estate agents?), I though I was hearing the stupidest comment humanly possible!

I stand corrected!

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