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Re: What Is A Boat Really Worth?

Originally Posted by miatapaul View Post
Well that is the problem it is locked down to brokers, and has been shown to not be very accurate. There was recently a post about a Bristol, I believe, and the "sale" price was significantly higher. It is in the interest of the brokers to inflate the prices, as higher prices mean higher commissions. NADA and Boat US are at least as accurate as
How has it been shown not to be very accurate?

It does happen that brokers enters incorrect sale prices, for a variety of reasons. One reason can be that a seller does not want anyone (friends, etc) to know exactly what his boat sold for and may request that broker input sale price = asking price.

If sale price differs dramatically from asking price, brokers may and often do enter a comment that explains why.

If a broker consistently inflate sale prices in I think he can/may be reported to (same as and worst case scenario I think his priviliges to use soldboats may be revoked. not sure how often that happens in reality.

I do know that YBBA is trying to somewhat enforce accurate reporting as well.

It is in everyones interest.

For the most part, I have found the sale prices in accurate.

and... a reported sale price in does not influence a brokers commission in any way, the actual sale price determines the commission (unless it is fixed, which is somewhat unusual).

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