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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Brent is probably just not able to understand that it is clearly obvious that he is, and has been, lying about the whole boat grinding on a reef, being in a hull speed collision with a cargo vessel, never needing maintenance thing. I kind of feel sorry for him, because the guy has some skills, is funny as all get out to have a conversation with on here, but he just does not get it. Some of us tried to explain the whole thing to him about how his hulls, or anyone else's would suffer severe damage in the situations he described, but he was not having it. Personally I think he can probably do a pretty good job at building one of HIS boats, I think he would have extreme issues with building a Bob Perry, Roger Long, Bruce Roberts or any other designer's boat because in all honesty, I do not think he follows a set of drawn plans very closely. The math would hurt his head, the complicated hull design drawings would make him dizzy, and the labor with anything other than steel might be a bit of a challenge as well.

In truth he is like a lot of us, set in his ways, accustomed to the way he has been doing things, and not too eager to change. I know that I sometimes have issues with changing the way I do things, especially when the way I have been doing it has worked well for ME, but in my particular profession that government regulates changes almost daily, and those who do not study, and change their way of doing things get left behind. I think that Brent really could benefit from some time in Bob's offices studying with Bob and his group. He could learn the math and theory behind the designs, learn some aesthetics and interior layout techniques, learn how to look at a boat and actually see it, or develop his "eye" for the design, as some might put it. However, I think that after about ten minutes Bob might pound him over the head with a rubber mallet and toss him out the door, because Brent does not want to learn. Stubbornness is not an endearing trait when practiced to extremes, and Brent is an expert practitioner of stubbornness, and might also have a degree in prevarication as well.

So, as Brent trades shots with Bob, we get to learn about yacht design, and best of all it is free. The debate is often funny, the characters sometimes larger than life, and the claims on one side are just about comical, but in between the lines we get to learn from one who is a true master of design in all forms, and one who is actually a master in his own designs, though he makes us just about hate them with some of his claims. Brent, I would like to challenge you to become a better representative of your methods, not by more loudly proclaiming them to be just about indestructible, because they are not, but by actually giving some thought to the things you say, and not saying things that are fabrications, prevarications, or just plain outright lies, instead talk with us clearly and concisely about how you design and build the boats you build. You already know I think that your designs are slow, and not attractive, but I wonder why you do not attempt to design some that are more sleek, more attractive, and a bit faster. Please do not tell me that your boats will outrun racing boats, I know how to do the math, and your hull would have to have a sail that would sink it in order to make that kind of speed, so accept some help, and some constructive, although probably rough, criticism and improve your designs. You might find that being open to improve the design would net you more money, and you might also find that having more money is not as bad as you might think.

It is good to learn from your mistakes, but much better to learn from the mistakes of others...
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