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Re: Is it time to boycott the Bahamas?

FWIW I think of travel in the Bahamas as somewhat akin to visiting a theme park (e.g. Disney World) with one's kids on a vacation. To do that today, one is commonly looking at something on the order of $275 per adult and $250 per child (under 12) for a 3 day visit. By comparison, the cost of the Bahamas isn't bad.

From the viewpoint of the Bahamians, the greater price trade-off's make sense. A 1/3rd increase in prices would need to result in more than a 25% decrease in traffic before the Bahamian's would suffer a loss of revenue (on the admission fee). Of course, with fewer visitors, there would be less consumer spending on/in the local economy but cruisers, despite popular misconception, only make up a relative small proportion of total tourist spending, and particularly so the segment that is dissuaded from visiting by the relatively greater admission fees. They tend to bring most of their stores with them and are relatively frugal while in country. They do, however, tend to generate garbage and do deplete the fish stocks--particularly so if they are reliant on fishing to provide a good portion of their diet.

I suspect the Bahamian government keeps a reasonably sharp eye on the trade-offs to ensure a positive balance between costs and benefits (to the Bahamas) and will adjust pricing to maintain it. The US might be wise to employ a similar approach, no?

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