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Re: WTH is up w/ the spotlight?

Originally Posted by capta View Post
Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't it say something in the colregs about SLOWING DOWN in reduced visibility? Isn't the dark considered "reduced visibility"? Especially in a confined, busy channel.
Any power boater doing even 20k in someplace like the Chesapeake is kinda risking their own life and the lives of others out there? Where are the LEO's when they are needed?
Interestingly, at least according to the folks in Florida who've drawn up the regs applying to Manatee Zones (the 'contribution' of boating industry lobbyists is apparent, here), full darkness apparently does not constitute much of an impediment to visibility...

Yeah, this modest speed reduction is all that is necessary, to be able to spot manatees at night :-)

Florida's Manatee Zones feature some of the dumbest regulations you'll ever see posted anywhere... Most have nothing to do with manatees, of course, but everything to do with waterfront real estate... Amazing how often new Manatee Zones crop up in areas of new development, one has to presume manatees are highly attracted to waters bordered by pretentious McMansions...

Minimum Wake enforced during the daytime, but after dark you're good to go...

I certainly agree with your bigger point - any boater who requires the continuous use or a searchlight to identify other vessels, judge distances, etc., is running at an excessive speed to begin with...
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