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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

Originally Posted by Oregonian View Post
Over the years I have encountered at least 2 Brent Swain boats. Probably more but I do not always know the designer of the boat I am looking at. I do not recall the names of the boats, the names of the owners, and I did not take pictures. The boats were well made, purposefully built boats. I liked them. They had all the hallmarks of a metal boat. Welded on mooring cleats, stanchions, pulpits and everything else. Everything was painted and looked good and the boats were a very long ways from home.
These boats were built for a purpose. Just as an AC72 is. They could have been built or modified for a different purpose. Would I want one myself for the kind of sailing I do? If my choices were a Valiant 32, Tashiba 31, Brent Swain 31, Baba 30, or Islander 28, I would choose the Brent Swain 31. And I have no doubt that I could sail it - in all directions - equal to or faster than all the other boats mentioned. I have sailed on all of the other boats mentioned. I have sailed past all the other boats mentioned - and I know the math.
You named the Valiant 32, the Tashiba 31, the Baba 30, and the islander 28 in the same sentence with a BS 31? Now you say you can sail faster than or equal to all of them on the BS boat? Were these boats on the hard in the marina when you sailed past them? Had the masts been removed or something equally as drastic? Somehow I think maybe this is a "paid spokesperson" for BS. I know it is a BS statement. You name four of the best blue water cruising boats in the world and state that a Brent Swain 31 would out perform them? Not even if it were towed.

This appears to be the normal position of a BS boat at sea, mounting some random obstruction like a dog....

FYI this is purported to be the BS 36 MOM, however I am not 100% sure. I do believe it is a BS boat, as it seems to be following its natural instincts to hump a reef or rock for several hours.

It is good to learn from your mistakes, but much better to learn from the mistakes of others...
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