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Re: WTH is up w/ the spotlight?

Originally Posted by Coquina View Post
I wanted less light for BETTER vision, not those fsking "docking lights". Speaking of which, I have never - not ever - not in 4 different countries - sail or power - ever ONCE needed a light to approach a pier at night. Docking lights my a##
Can you tell I hate those things!
Yup, I couldn't agree more...

However, I have on occasion found it nice to have a bit of light available on a final approach to an unlit slip or pier... For such a purpose, I find a good foredeck light can be far more useful than anything else...

I have the large Series 40 Aqua Signal steaming/foredeck light on my boat, and love it. It's well worth the extra illumination, yet creates little loss of night vision as it's mounted forward of the mast... In a pinch, regular spreader lights can help a bit, but you'd better be wearing a baseball cap, and sometimes simply light up the boat too much, or make it impossible to see thru a dodger, etc...

Which brings me to my biggest gripe of all - namely, freakin' dodger and cockpit canvas creations that are virtually impossible to see over the top of... Amazing, how commonplace this setup is becoming on the boats I've been running lately, and how much it can degrade your visibility at night, or in thick weather... Having a dodger that one ALWAYS has to peer through from the helm is a recipe for disaster, how people live with some of these concoctions is completely beyond me, one can only presume they simply never sail after dark, or when it rains :-)

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