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Re: Malaria

My Dad got a strain of Malaria in the Philippines during WWII.

Believe it or not, he got one 24-48 hour attack every February, just once a year, until he died almost 50 years later. I never understood the February thing, it wasn't because of cold weather (Miami). ???

He was a big strong tough man, and as a kid it was scary as hell seeing him reduced to a quivering chattering ball under every blanket in the house (Miami), or alternately soaking wet with sweat, blankets on the floor, AC wide open. Like timing a tide, he would have to wait for a slack time to even get up and to the bathroom. He would lose a visibly noticeable amount of weight from dehydration in just those few hours. The relentless torture during the episode would leave him exhausted, like he had gone running for 24-48 hours, sapped and drained.

I agree that there are lots of awful critters to catch out there, and won't let that stop me, but we should be smart and prevent the preventable. You can see why I personally put malaria on the serious list.

Don't depend on a Doctor, do your own research and find out what is currently floating around at your destinations. Your Doctor probably hasn't been there, will check his book from whenever ago, and off you'll go. I have no problem offending the Doctor with my own good information, and if the Doctor has a problem with it I need a new Doctor!

I just realized the irony, Dad got his in the Army, Froggy got diagnosed by an Army Doc, maybe that's why he knew. Frogwatch's story ruins all the Fox Army Hospital (Redstone, Huntsville) jokes I heard in 20 years around there. I know, they are generic military doctor jokes, but they were usually mixed with a real horror story or two.

If you're going to the jungle, take it, some things are better safe than sorry.

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