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Re: Malaria

Yup, the Falci is the really bad kind. They mostly have it in Africa. When people decry that Africa does so poorly, they fail to take it into account. Malaria has killed more people than all other plagues combined. It reduces the economies of stricken nations to the poverty level and is the most significant barrier to economic development of those nations. You can hate Microsoft all you want (and I do) but Gates has given his fortune to developing a malaria vaccine because he realizes this. People who have malaria simply cannot function even when it is in remission (without meds).
Until swamps were drained. much of the Gulfcoast of the USA was uninhabitable.
AIR CONDITIONING was invented by John Gorrie in 1854 in Apalachicola, Florida (really, 1854) because he was a doctor who wanted to cool his malaria patients (steam engine driven compressor compressing air that was then cooled with brine. Ice formed on the coils and he hung a pail of ice beneath a tall chimney over a patients bed. Gorrie died poor, after all who cared about anything in Apalachicola, FL in 1854.
Two towns in N. FL in the early 1800s were wiped out by combined yellow fever and malaria. It is weird that HIV kills less than .001X the number of people malaria kills but HIV research is funded so much more.
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