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Re: Pros and cons of steel sailboats

As I said, “I have sailed all the other boats mentioned” (not the Brent Swain). That is why I chose to list them. I am a delivery skipper and brokerage “on call” skipper. I sail a lot of boats.
When you are confronted by a person with more experience than yourself and that person’s experiences contradicts your theories, do you automatically call him a liar? Is that the Sailnet way?
The first 10 pages of this thread answered the OP’s questions. A sticking point early on concerned the “speed” of a steel boat. The answer is that hull material of a heavy displacement boat is inconsequential to the sailing performance of that boat. It matters little if the hull is carbon composite or plate steel. The proper shape for that displacement is what is important.
The 4 other boats mentioned by me fall into the general category of “average”. They are NOT “4 of the best blue water boats in the world” as stated by Mark2gmstrans. The Brent Swain design, as frequently shown, is just an adaptation of a purpose built boat. It is steel and can easily be adapted to a different purpose. I would choose a slightly different adaptation, but still with a full keel, and have a boat that, YES, will sail equal to or better than all the other boats mentioned.
If any of you are having trouble understanding this, as Mark2gmstrans is, I suggest that you force Mr. Perry to give you the straight scoop for once, as the source of your ignorance rests squarely on his shoulders.
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