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Question Re: Interesting Sailboats - Dragonfly 32

Originally Posted by PCP View Post
Hi Anders,

Thanks, nice post. Some doubts and clarifications, please:

You talk of about 16/22 true wind full main and code zero, a huge sailing area for such light boat and the leeward amas almost fully buried to make 13/14K. That would put a enormous pressure on the boat structure and I assume that is only possible in pretty flat waters.

Around here, Ikario zone, Aegean that is pretty much almost everyday, I mean the wind, but it comes with a nasty broken sea with 2/3m waves, short and steep ones. With my wife protesting against the boat motion, waves and water coming from the bow I reduce sail (except downwind) to keep a speed of about 7K (could go at 8/8.5K). I wonder what kind of motion and speed the Dragonfly 32 would make on these conditions, that are the normal ones here in the summer. Can you make and educated guess since you have tried the boat?

Another question; Around here lots of Islands so it is quite common to sail on the leeward side of an Island even when going for another one. Gusting is terrible, never saw nothing like it, kind of jumping from 15 to 30 or 35K. Near the Islands on those conditions I keep the boat on second reef on the main and half reefed 35% genoa, doing 7/7.5K (flat water) and believe me that in some gusts I have to let the main go to keep control on the boat. Sailing on these conditions would not be dangerous on the Dragonfly 32, except with a very small amount of sail? These are the conditions were most multihull capsizes happens, not saying that it happens a lot but most of the ones that know off happened on these conditions.


Hi Paulo and Mr W,
Regarding df32 or 35 there is a rather big difference in size folded. DF32 is 3,6*11,99 m and DF35 3,9*12,6 m.

Yes, 110 sqm in that wind is a lot. And it was ghusty but also total flat water. Having read how carefully people say one should sail a trimaran I was surprised how well it took it. It was enough that I fell away a little bit and we let out a little bit on the code zero in he heaviest ghusts. Never touched the main. But we where also 4 people on board so if alone I would not have done this. We also slightly destroyed the code zero so the forces are big and therefore all carbon sails.

Earlier when I sailed the boat in bigger swell and less wind I was very impressed how well it went sthraight through (narrow hulls) and at the same time over (light) the swell. Total controll, no slamming and no spray.

All in all, impressed how well it could handle the ghusts, as impressed as I was in the summer in Lilla Bält in Denmark, as described earlier. And slightly dissapointed with the sensation.


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